Datuk Wira Ahmad Nasfy Yasin
Senior Partner
03-4044 2611

Areas of Practice

  • Administrative Law
  • Appellate Matters
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Constitution Law
  • Construction
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Divorce Petition
  • General Litigation (Civil and Criminal)
  • Land Acquisition
  • Public Misfeasance
  • Society‚Äôs Law
  • Tort of Conspiracy and Fraud
  • Tort of Defamation

Datuk Wira Ahmad Nasfy Bin Yasin is a highly accomplished legal professional who has dedicated over four decades to the pursuit of justice. With an impressive academic background and extensive experience, he has made significant contributions to the legal landscape and left a lasting mark on the profession.

Beginning his journey at the University of Malaya, Datuk Wira Ahmad Nasfy obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Law in 1981, developing a deep understanding of the legal principles that underpin society.

Throughout his career, he rose through the ranks of the judicial and legal services, holding various positions such as Deputy Public Prosecutor and federal counsel. He represented Malaysia at international conferences, engaging with legal luminaries and expanding his knowledge of criminal and corporate law on a global scale.

Transitioning into the judiciary, Datuk Wira Ahmad Nasfy served as a Sessions’ Court Judge for 19 years before being elevated to the High Court bench, where he presided for over 11 years. In 2020, he was further elevated to the esteemed role of a Court of Appeal Judge. His judgments consistently demonstratea profound commitment to justice, upholding the rule of law, and ensuring fair outcomes.

Beyond his accomplishments, he is known for his dedication to promoting legal reforms and advocating for the rights of individuals. Colleagues and members of the legal fraternity revere him for his compassion and principled approach.

Datuk Wira Ahmad Nasfy Bin Yasin’s vast knowledge, invaluable experience, and unwavering passion for justice make him an exemplar in the legal field. He has had a profound impact on the Malaysian legal system and is a highly valuable asset to any legal team or organization.